About Us

The shop is situated in one of the most prestigious antiquarian specialist streets in London, Cecil Court.

Renowned for it's unique collection of Rare Book, Map and Print Shops.  The shop can be found in many guide books to London, as it was a barbers where Amadeus Mozart had his hair cut aged 7, on his visit to London.

The quaint balcony inside the shop is where the First World War poets sat when it was a tearoom, Edward Thomas, Walter de la Mare and Rupert Brooke. The film 84 Charing Cross Road was filmed inside the shop as well as the Beatrix Potter film Miss Potter.   It was also home to the T.V. advert for Yellow Pages 'J.R.Hartley Fly-Fishing'.

Started by Alan Brett in 1977, it is a family run business, continued by his daughter Tracey Alena Brett.  The stock is vast and spans from elizabethan documents all the way through to hollywood autographs.  The vast majority of the stock is original, and over 100 years old.

We have a comprehensive collection of genuine Vanity Fair Spy Cartoons dating 1869 to 1913.  This is the category that the shop is most well known for.  We also have thousands of Illustrated London News articles and most categories of prints covering every subject such as:

  • Aquatints
  • Mezzotints
  • Chromolithographs
  • Wood,copper,steel engravings
  • Oleographs

We also deal in:

  • Vellum Documents
  • Acts of Parliament
  • Stereo Views
  • Transparencies
  • Playbills
  • Signed Hollywood Autographs